Understanding purpose is the key to satisfaction.  When we don’t know why we are here in the first place, it is hard to set any goals in achieving significance and satisfaction.

Patrick Morley lays out a good a compelling logic in chapters 5-6 about discerning and developing a purpose statement and seeking greater satisfaction in life.  A HUGE part of the whole process is figuring out that what you NEED is what you really want.  Wanting what we WANT can often lead to disappointment, while getting what we NEED ultimately fulfills us.

Think of it this way:

If you are swimming in a 12 foot pool and you think it would be fun (a WANT) to spend a few minutes at the bottom investigating the drain cover, you might soon realize that the boring ability to breathe oxygen at the surface (the NEED) seems quite attractive and satisfying.  Upon breaching the surface and filling your lungs with air, a sense of relief will course through your veins in the form of oxygen energized red blood cells.

Wants soon become slaves to needs.

So what do you really need in life? Have you spent time discovering your God given purpose? Will you set aside some time real soon to re-evaluate what you NEED over the WANTS you’ve been chasing?  When you do, you’ll find the satisfaction you’ve been longing for.  Come up for air…you’ll be glad you did.