Quoting Pat Morley in Chapter 2 – “To see ourselves as we really are, we must acknowledge our inability to do so without God’s help.”

How do you get ready for the day? Does it involve a ritual (long or short) in front of a mirror? You can shave without a mirror, but you may miss a spot or leave yourself looking a little uneven. Do you need something reflective to show you that your hair isn’t quite right? Or after lunch, isn’t it a good idea to take a peek in the mirror to make sure nothing is left behind in your teeth?

Quite often we can neglect this look in the mirror in our quest to identify who we really are.  We assume that with no objective checking we can just figure ourselves out and fix ourselves.  God, in his infinite wisdom, created you and knows you better than you know yourself. He has graciously offered to help us identify ourselves -our true selves.  But then he goes a step beyond simply identifying the problem and offers to help us fix things.

So what are we waiting for men? Let’s let surrender to God, look to him for help and let him start re-identifying us. Let him show us who we are and who we can be.

Trust me. He is a good barber, so give him the blade, sit back and watch the man in your mirror come to life as God wants.

Man In The Mirror is a book by Patrick Morley. Follow along with Pastor Gabe Moore and the men of Calvary Assembly of God in Crystal Lake, IL as we read through this book together and discuss some of topics facing men today.