Calvary Church, this is your call to prayer!

To say that this year so far and the months ahead are ripe with division would be an understatement. Political views, racial tension, medical debate, and a variety of other issues have stirred emotions and brought out both the best and worst in people.

The mission of the church and the expectations God has on his people have not and will not change. God’s heart of compassion for people, evidenced in the love he has shown mankind in the gift of his son, has not changed. God’s desire is that ALL come to repentance. He wants ALL who would call on his name to receive the forgiveness of sins he offers. He longs for ALL to be in a personal and transforming relationship with him.

Like the men of Issachar, God needs his people TODAY to Understand the Times. We, the followers of Christ need to Unveil God’s Heart, discovering his will anew. The church must Unite in Action knowing confidently that we are about the business of seeing God’s will done in and by the church.

How do we accomplish this?

-Spend the next 20 days in focused prayer. (August 10th-30th, 20 minutes each day)
-Meditate on the scriptures. They help us understand the times, see God’s heart, and know how to act
-Use the 20 Scripture references and the two chapters in Mark to launch your time in God’s word
-Read the 4 gospels to better see how Christ thought about and treated people.
-Journal the things God impresses upon you as you spend time in prayer.
-Read daily devotions provided online (email, Church Website, Church Facebook)
-Be prepared to share what you learn when you have opportunity.

As part of this process, feel free to fast, have extended times of prayer and bible reading, engage in private times of praise and worship, find extra time for solitude, or any other practices that help you hear God’s voice.

Ask God to show you:
What is the priority mission of the church regardless of what is going on around us?
In light of what is going on, what can I do, and what can the church do to please God?
What is the attitude he expects of his children toward each other and the lost?
How do I pass my faith on? To whom?
How do I best communicate God’s love to a world desperate to hear it?

As we enter into September, I will be utilize what is discerned in these 20 days to lead us in a unified effort to see God’s will done and to see fruit borne from our efforts to serve Him. We will launch into the final 4 months of 2020 re-focused in our vision to see lives transformed.

As I do these things with you, I pray that you are blessed and encouraged. May you sense God’s clear leading like never before!
—Pastor Gabe


1 Chronicles 12:32
Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.


20 Scriptures

20 DOP – Devotion – Day 20

20 DOP – Devotion – Day 19

20 DOP – Devotion – Day 18

20 DOP – Devotion – Day 17

20 DOP – Devotion – Day 16

 20 DOP – Devotion – Day 15

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20 DOP – Devotion – Day 13

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