1.to look forward to; regard as likely to happen; anticipate the occurrence or the coming of:

You can expect to enter a place of worship that has been prepared for you and your family; clean, accessible, and ready.

You can expect to be surrounded by people who love; God and one another.

You can expect an engaging encounter with a Holy God through His Word and through the presence of His Holy Spirit.

You can expect to leave uplifted, challenged, encouraged and ready to serve until we anticipate seeing you again!

First Contact

You may have been introduced to Calvary by a friend, or you may be on a "blind date" checking out Calvary with no prior conceptions. We believe that either way, you will find Calvary to be a family that cares about people.  We want you to feel welcome, valued, and to feel like you've found a place where you can grow.


When you arrive on a Sunday morning for Calvary's 10:00 worship service, you will be welcomed when you first pull in by one of our lot attendants.  You can expect to be met at the door by a friendly face who can point you to the nursery, kid's classroom or even the restroom. Expect to enter a casual and comfortable atmosphere where each person can engage in worship without judgment.


Calvary's mid-week ministry night is for the whole family.  Small groups for:


Youth -Jr High and High School

Royal Rangers and Kid's programs for kids down to age 3

If you are attending a group or helping in a group, nursery is provided for ages 2 and under. 

Find more information on specific Wednesday options HERE.