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Follow along with the thoughts of Calvary's leadership.  We share what we are learning in our walk with the Lord.

  • He Loves you Inside out  Sept 14, 2015

    I had the joy of bringing this awesome truth to the attention of the church this weekend.  Many Christ followers know this already, but God sincerely loves you all the way down to and in to the darkest places of your life.  He doesn't love those dark realities, but he loves you in spite of them.  In fact, he died specifically so he could forgive you and heal you from those realities.

    Romans 5:8 says that while we were sinners (ie. thumbing our noses at God's Grace) he chose to die for us.  Have no doubt that he loves you and wants your life to be so much richer than it could ever be without him.  Run to his Love.  -PG

  • Courage or Comfort?   Aug 11,2015

    Do I really have to choose? Can't I have both?

    Their may be a time when both can be available to us, but in leadership, most often the courageous decision requires discomfort.  If it is the comfortable or easy choice, it doesn't take courage.  What is it that God is calling you to do?  Is it going to make you or someone else uncomfortable to follow God's leading?  Be courageous for the sake of God's calling on your life and for the sake of His Kingdom!  -PG

  • Praying for my kids 

    I admit it. I don't pray for my kids as much as I should.  The world is a hostile place that will sink its hooks into my kids and do all that it can to drag them down. How can I not cry out to God on their behalf?

    This evening we prayed for our kids very specifically: that they would have HEART knowledge of their savior through a relationship with him through his Spirit and through his Word. The privilege and responsibility of parenting my 5 could leave me feeling OVERWHELMED, but with the hope of Christ, I trust in him and I am OVERJOYED!        - PG